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Horses Horses Horses!!!!

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15 years of fun in Hong Kong

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 :)• Originally employed as Riding Instructor in 1993. Promoted to Senior Riding Instructor in 1996 and then Chief Riding Instructor of Public Schools in 2001. Finally given the title of Manager of Public Riding Schools in 2007.

• Worked closely with other departments of the Jockey Club to maintain a high standard of facilities.

• Supervised and implemented training for a staff of 70. Trained over 30 local staff to BHSAI level and 4 to BHSII.

• Key role in the development of staff training and career paths for individuals within the Jockey Club. Bee Chan is now BHSI, Eric L>in is assistant trainer to Andreas Schultz, Tony Shea is running a 200 horse project in China and Andy Yuen is incharge of leasd horses at the track.

 • Encouraged BHS examinations in Hong Kong and established Tuen Mun Public Riding School as a BHS examination Centre.

• Worked closely with the RDA, Hong Kong Pony Club and Hong Kong Equestrian Federation.

 • Travelled extensively in Asia, Australia and New Zealand as a team coach.

• Involved in site preparation for the 2008 Olympic (Equestrian) Games.


Working horses from the ground.

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The John Graham Centre..horses helping people.

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•  2010 Establishment of an equestrian facility at the John Graham Centre, Blean, Kent, for adults with learning difficulties.


•  Working closelly with RDA.



My own training.

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Continually training and updating my knowledge. Currently studying Equine Science and Behaviour under Dr. Andrew McLean. Working towards my B.H.S Equitation exam which was delayed due to my fractured leg.

I have been very fortunate in having the opportunity to train with a variety of top class trainers including:-

• from the UK: Mr. Chris Bartle. Mr. Tim Downes FBHS, Mrs. Islay Auty FBHS, Mr. Ernest Dillon FBHS, Mrs. Domini Morgan, Mr.William Fox-Pitt, Mrs Gill Watson, Mrs Angela Tucker, Miss Erica Watson,

• from the USA: Dominic Barbier,

• from Australia: Mr. Clive Reed, Lucinda and Clayton Fredericks,

• from NZ: Mr. John Cottle, Mr. Andrew Scott,

• from Germany: Mr Karsten Huck and Mr. Diethard Krushke.


Sri Lankan Army Project , Military Academy, Diyatalawa, Sri Lanka

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Started in january 2012 the project is going well with 6 horses donated by the Pakistan army.