The cantering coach and consultant

As well as being a coach and horse trainer, I can help you find the right horse and give you advice about feeding, track, exercising. I think it is especially difficult for new horse owners to find their way through the maze of equestrianism. It is a mine field. Let me help you. 
£30 per hour basic consultation fee. Telephone advice is free.

Dressage coaching.

Flat work should be fun.

 You and your horse should

 be smiling as you make that

 perfect transition and score

 that exclusive 10 !!


Why not book a lesson and find out?

My  rates , excluding travel and arena hire start at £20 an hour .


Pony Club and Riding Clubs.

I'm happy to teach at riding clubs and pony clubs.

 I have a wealth of flat and jump exercises suitable for groups of riders and I have some very  interesting lecture material , ideal for club un mounted sessions.


My day rate is £100 excluding travel.



Horse Training.

Work on the ground is the important foundation of your relationship with your horse. It gives you time to clear your mind and focus on  your horse. 


Lunging is a very useful tool if used correctly. We owe it to the horse to make sure he is loosened up and settled before we get on. We can use this time to see how he is looking condition wise and how he is moving.


 Helping the horse with work in hand will help with communication as well help with the horses suppleness.


Long raining is very useful for familiarising young horses with new surroundings and is useful for horses returning to work after injury.


Schooling and training £20 per hour excluding travel.



 Coaching Children.

This pic sums it up.

An x Hong Kong race horse happy to be with the boys in the sun hacking through the British countryside: you can see him smiling!

Children need to have sound foundations so that they can enjoy horses but stay safe. 


Childrens lessons with their own ponies.

Special introductory offer, 3 lessons for the price of 2  !!

£20 private 45 mins

                                                                          £12 semi private  

                                                                          £10 group.

                                                                           Excluding travel & arena hire.             

Getting off the ground. Jump training.

I have lots of different exercises to challenge you without  frightening you. Jumping is about confidence. Yours and your horses. Its also about the canter. The quality, sustainability, adjustability of this pace  is the key to enjoyable jumping.

My private coaching rates, excluding travel and arena hire, start at £20 an hour.